Aylex Cross

Aylex Cross first got into the hospitality industry in Zambia where she was involved in building her own lodges from ground up and was active in conservation where she worked closely with the Varties who released Shingalana the lioness and Little Boy and Little Girl the leopards into the Luangwa valley.

More recently Aylex has taken over Chosen Farm and converted the old historical farmstead into a magnificent home away from home Out of Africa guest house. She farms apples, vegetables and herbs on the farm as well as breeds magnificent warmblood horses that come to graze on the paddocks on the farm.  Aylex is committed to conservation, self sustainability and all things natural and runs a small fresh produce outlet called Ethically Organic from the farm.  She worked part time at the local vet and encourages guests to bring their pets along to stay.

Lance Stephenson

Lance Stephenson is a UCI Certified Level 2 Cycling Coach, and takes tours around the Elgin Valley on a regular basis. Lance offers one on one and group skill sessions and can design a personal fitness programme for you for any event. He is also a fully qualified bike mechanic and Master Wheel Builder so should you need your bike looked at book it in with us while you are here.  Alternatively why not book a weekend at the lodge for the whole family and have Lance teach you a few new things, or guide you around the beautiful valley.  lancestephenson.co.za